“Powerlane’s technology will effectively transform our roadways into drive-thru charging stations to power electric cars as they go.”

Jorge Aguilar, CEO

“Our system will instantly turn any highway or surface street into a revenue opportunity.”

Selenne Bishop, CFO

Powerlane Explained

How Our Technology Works

Powerlane Corporation has a patented technology that would allow any electric vehicle to recharge its battery as it drives.

The three key components:

1. Conductive strips

Segmented and conductive strips run along the road, low enough for a car to drive over them at any rate of speed, and that allow for lane changes.

2. Retractable contacts

Retractable contacts are lowered by a driver to make contact with the road. A driver can easily lift or lower the contacts as needed.

3. Custom roadway control circuitry

Our custom roadway control circuitry energizes and de-energizes the road when a vehicle makes contact with the segmented strips. This ensures that the energized roadway can remain safe to pedestrian traffic.

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Revolutionizing our roadways
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